jps(json pub/sub) is small wrapper of zeromq. It provides simple Pub/Sub system and command line tools, which is strongly inspired by ROS(Robot Operating System). jps is easier to install than ROS, and it does not have serialization. Let’s use json format.

How to install

You can use pip to install jps

$ sudo pip install jps

It installs jps python module, jps_master and jps_topic command.

How to write pub/sub

import jps
import time

pub = jps.Publisher('/hoge1')
i = 0
while True:
  pub.publish('hello! jps{0}'.format(i))
  i += 1

import jps

def callback(msg):
  print msg

sub = jps.Subscriber('/hoge1', callback)

How to run and use tools

You need three consoles to test the program.

$ jps_master
$ python
$ python

To get the list of the topics, you can use jps_topic list

$ jps_topic list

If you want to see the data in /hoge1 topic,

$ jps_topic echo /hoge1