Environmental variablesΒΆ

jps uses below environmental variables. These are optional. You don’t need to set these variables (default will be used.)

  • JPS_MASTER_HOST: set default master host. (default: “localhost”)
  • JPS_SUFFIX: Add this to all topic names. This is for multi robot system. (default: “”)
  • JPS_MASTER_PUB_PORT: port number for publishers (default: 54320)
  • JPS_MASTER_SUB_PORT: port number for subscribers (default: 54321)
  • JPS_SERIALIZE: default serialzier. Only ‘json’ is supported. (default: None)
  • JPS_REMAP: remap topic names. If you set ‘export JPS_REMAP=”hoge=foo”’, topic ‘hoge’ will be changed to ‘foo’